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Our talented photographers supply us with some of the best images of local and national locations.  

Don't have an image of your own? You can find a link to our photographers websites below. Feel free to contact if you find the perfect image for you!


Andy Thompson - professional photographer

Andy Thompson

I invite you to take the time to reflect as if you were there, the split second the image was caught. Feel what the subject is thinking, or going to do next, and what life is like in the picture. I love the use of natural light and minimising the amount of processing.

Michale Sutton - freelance photographer

Michael Sutton

 I am a freelance photographer based in Dunedin, New Zealand. What I absolutely love about landscape photography, is how it gets me out and about, and at times exploring areas of our beautiful city that I’ve never known about or visited.

Murray Crawford - landscape photographer

Murray Crawford

Classic New Zealand landscapes that offer a panoramic play with water, colour and light. A variety of textures that give differing impressions when viewed from close up and afar.

Annilise Dobbinson - photographer and painter

Annilise Dobbinson

Everything from photography to painting!

With a degree in design and a passion for being creative. 

Based in Otago, New Zealand.

Josh Finnie - nature photographer

Josh Finnie

When I’m out shooting photos, my aim is to try and capture scenes from a different perspective, from an angle that people would likely have never seen before. Living in Dunedin, a truly amazing landscape, the majority of my shots are taken via a drone above the awesome beaches we are so lucky to have.

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Other Services

prints front page.jpg

Your high definition photo prints on a variety of our
quality paper stock, made to last.

Dot 1.jpg

High definition prints on wall-friendly adhesive materials, cut into modern shapes and ready to peel, stick and re-use home decor.

Frames Main page.jpg

High definition prints on premium lustre paper, mounted onto a black, 18mm block mount ready to hang on the wall or stand on its own.

BM shop 500x500px.jpg

High definition prints on premium lustre paper, mounted onto a black, 18mm block mount ready to hang on the wall or stand on its own.

imgpsh_fullsize_anim (2).png

High definition prints on digital art canvas, coated with UV resistant liquid laminate and stretched onto a thick (40 mm) or thin (20mm) or ultra-thin (10mm) wooden frame of your choice.

imgpsh_fullsize_anim (3).png

High definition prints on our gloss paper, matte laminated and mounted onto a 3mm aluminium board ready to hang on the wall.

old photo colour restoration

Does your image need a bit of enhancement? Our editing and collage services can help you refresh and layout your images just how you want!

Creative Word Art photo wall decor

A fun and effective way to show your text. Word Art uses text that is formatted to look like a picture. 

a woman creating a company logo

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small.

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